Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Top 12 books of 2012!

2012 is the year that I fully began to love books. It's the year I discovered the online book community with it's book bloggers and booktubers, the year I discovered my now favourite author of all time (John Green) and the year I started this blog. Because of all this, I decided to create a list of my top 12 favourite books of 2012. Let me know whether you agree with any of them or not and what you think I should read in 2013. As a side note, these aren't really in any particular order. I love most of them equally with the exception of a few at the top of the list. :)

I read this book just before Christmas and fell in love with it. It's the perfect Christmas book in my opinion and definitely a must read around the festive period!

After hearing loads of rave reviews about this book I decided to read it and could absolutely see why it deserved those reviews. The plot of the book is so original and unlike anything I've ever come across before.

8. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
I know this isn't one book but I decided to cheat a little as it would've taken up too many spaces in the list otherwise. With the film coming out this year I decided to read all 3 books and instantly fell in love with them. They were the first dystopian books I read and I would definitely try more in the genre and have done this year! Anyone thinking of reading them should.

As much as I feel that this series is probably aimed at people younger than myself, I really enjoy every addition to it. The idea of a spy school is one that makes me wish I was part of the novel and is a must read for any teenage girl who would secretly love to be a spy.

6. Looking For Alaska by John Green
I read all of John Green's books this year and Looking For Alaska was the one that made me wish I went to boarding school. It's a perfect example of John Green's excellent writing and ability to create characters that leave the reader wishing they were best friends with them. 

As a girl who loves a good romance novel from time to time, I fell in love with this book instantly. I fell in love with the characters more than anything. A quick read, but one that is still worth the read.

4. Paper Towns by John Green
Yet another example of John Green's phenomenal writing skills in Paper Towns. This book made me feel like I was actually a part of the journey that the characters went on and I loved it so much.

3. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Stephanie Perkins has a way of writing that makes you fall in love with her characters and you find yourself completely unable to put her story down for even an hour. It was the perfect summer read and I will be reading Lola and the Boy Next Door next year!

2. Divergent/Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Again I have cheated a little bit with this one and decided to combine the 2 in one spot on the list. The world that Veronica Roth created in the Divergent books is so amazing that I found it completely impossible to stop reading. The way Insurgent ended also was by far one of the most gripping endings I've ever read in a book and I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out!

I love TFiOS more than any book I'd ever read before when I read it and the reason I've put it at the top of my list for 2012 is that it was the book that started my love of reading. I've always read books but after seeing so many people online talking about The Fault in Our Stars I decided to read it around April and it opened up a world of online book lovers to me, that I soon discovered I was part of. This book opened up a world of books that I never knew existed before it and since reading it I've found many favourite books and discovered the writing of many amazing authors. John Green has a way of writing about a sad topic in a way that remains happy and positive until the exact right moment and it is a truly amazing book.

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