Saturday, 5 January 2013

50 Books Challenge!

The end of the year marks the end of the 50 books challenge. It was my first year attempting this and I didn't start properly until around April time but I decided I wanted to finish it now so I could start fresh with a new year. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to read 50 books in 2012 but I finished with 41 read which I still feel is pretty good. To me, the whole point of the 50 books challenge is to encourage yourself to read more by setting yourself a goal and although I didn't quite reach my goal, I think I probably read more books in 2012 than I have in any other year of my life.

I have a good feeling about 2013 as a reading year and I am setting myself the goal of 50 again because I feel as though it's a good number to aim for. I'll try and document how I do by writing reviews for as many of the books I read as possible and if you're taking part in the same challenge please leave a comment letting me know! I'd love to see other people's reviews to encourage me to read even more!

So here's to a great 2013, both in reading and otherwise.
Happy New Year :)

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