Sunday, 8 September 2013

A New Start

As any of you who have read any of my other blog posts from this summer will probably know, I started a new school on Wednesday. Not only is it a new school, but it's the start of my sixth form experience. Although I was insanely nervous for a few days before starting, so far I really do love it there.

The beauty of starting at a new school where you only know a few people is that it gives you the opportunity to put things you'd rather forget in the past and be the version of 'you' that you want to be. Also, if there are a lot of people also starting the school (with my new school around half of the year are new students) as new students it means you're not the only one and you can easily make friends.

I was lucky in that my best friend has been at this school for the last 5 years and therefore has her group of friends that have all been so nice to me I couldn't explain. From the first moment on the first day they took me under their wing and have helped me out so much from introducing me to people to showing me where to go so I don't get lost. They've been really fantastic and I can see myself becoming very good friends with them very quickly.

Although it's been a big change and the days have got a LOT longer (from leaving the house at 8.15 and getting home at 3.15 to leaving the house at 7.30 and getting back around 4.45) if the next two years carry on like this I know I will be very happy there.

Have you started a new school before? Were you happier there than before? Let me know in the comments.

Lucy x

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