Wednesday, 22 July 2015

All That I Needed

Two years ago I made a video to a song I'd written about leaving school with a collection of videos and photos from over my five years in that school. The two years since that video have quite honestly been the best two years of my life and I decided to do exactly the same to remember this time.

In two years I have met the most incredible people I could ever wish to meet and I now find it difficult to remember what it was like before I knew them. I have felt more at home with them than I ever thought possible and even the thought of having known them for as little as two years is crazy to me. I wrote a blog post recently about how I think my time in sixth form will quite possibly be 'the good old days' for me and what better way to remember the good old days than having a video like this to look back on. 

While I'm a massive fan of taking photos to capture moments, there's something special about videos.  They give a far better sense of what that moment was really like and I find when I watch videos that I'm in or I've taken I often feel a far greater sense of nostalgia than I get from photos. I also find that, as a songwriter, my songs are like little time capsules and often when I hear them I can remember the exact emotion I felt writing it. Because of this, a song written by me combined with photos and videos of the incredible people the song was written about is something I know I will look back on for years to come.

On close inspection you may notice that the song is slightly bittersweet. I mention in it that I think I'm only able to fully appreciate how things are for me now because of having experienced the opposite. The title of the song is a reference to this in a way, as the people I've met in the last 2 years were exactly what I needed to show me that feeling miserable within friendships is not normal and it's not something I, or anyone else, should feel like they have to put up with. They are everything I could have ever hoped to have in terms of friends plus so much more. I honestly don't quite know what I did right to be able to call such wonderful people my friends, but I couldn't be happier that I do.

So friends, thank you so very much for the last two years, and for being all that I needed.

Lucy x

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